SORIL Infra Resources is a pioneering infrastructure development enabler, with the goal to increase the speed, smoothness, and profitability in project planning and execution.

We are driven to help our customers achieve more.

We are applying our vast expertise in construction project management to optimise customers’ operations experience. We are setting high standards of performance with our three core products:

  • Equipment renting: We provide bespoke solutions in the vertical logistics equipment category, which includes cranes, hoists and platforms. We also have an expanding reservoir of horizontal equipment.
  • Management and maintenance of real estate and assets: We are currently managing more than 7 million square feet of high end commercial and residential space.
  • Consultancy: We provide detailed analysis and help set growth trajectory for leading developers.

We have attained Pan-India presence in a short time, and are set to become the leading brand in India, very soon. Our team is inspired to build the new India.